Reply To: Jets Fans Christmas Wish List

Rivka Boord

My Chanukah wish list would have been that the Jets would win out and make the playoffs. Since that landed with a resounding thud, I’m going to the opposite extreme: I hope that the Jets get blown out in the last three games of the season, causing Woody Johnson to lose patience and fire both Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh. As far as they’ve brought this roster, how many GMs get another chance after an 18-49 (.269) record over their first four seasons (assuming the Jets do lose out)? There have been many other GMs inheriting rosters bereft of talent, and they still get fired after this kind of production. Ditto for Saleh (16-35, .314), who has directly contributed to the Jets’ abysmal offense with his conservative team mindset. This won’t happen because of Rodgers, but it should.