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      Paul Esden Jr

      Jets fans it’s the holiday season and we’re going to host a special video episode of “Boy Green Daily” on Christmas Day on Monday, December 25. I want you to respond to this thread with what YOU as a New York Jets fan wants for Christmas!

      It can be funny, serious, and/or everything in between! All of your responses will be read LIVE at 7:30 am ET on Christmas on the Heavy on Jets Facebook page, my YouTube channel, & my Twitter account!

      Subscribe to the channel here so you don’t miss it:

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      Rivka Boord

      My Chanukah wish list would have been that the Jets would win out and make the playoffs. Since that landed with a resounding thud, I’m going to the opposite extreme: I hope that the Jets get blown out in the last three games of the season, causing Woody Johnson to lose patience and fire both Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh. As far as they’ve brought this roster, how many GMs get another chance after an 18-49 (.269) record over their first four seasons (assuming the Jets do lose out)? There have been many other GMs inheriting rosters bereft of talent, and they still get fired after this kind of production. Ditto for Saleh (16-35, .314), who has directly contributed to the Jets’ abysmal offense with his conservative team mindset. This won’t happen because of Rodgers, but it should.

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        Paul Esden Jr

        Thanks for the brutal honesty Rivka

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      Gunny Gumby

      Wow… okay, my New York Jets fan Christmas wish List is, as follows:

      1. Fire Hackett and Keep Rodgers off the Field.
      2. Lose the next two games. But, beat the Patriots, so we can end the Belicheck win streak before he’s fired.
      3. Bring in Bakhatari, and Ridley or Evans in the offseason.
      4. Resign Bryce Huff.
      5. Get a top five pick and draft MHJ, if he’s available.
      6. If MHJ is gone Draft Joe Alt.
      7. Of Joe Alt is not available, trade back get picks and throw them all towards the offense.
      8. Playoff mandate or everyone is fired!


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        Paul Esden Jr

        You got very specific with this wish list and I love it!

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      Geno Pagano

      Ciao everyone 🤌🏽🇮🇹

      My Christmas list going into next year is….

      1- fix the O-Line, WR Position and get a backup QB next year.
      2- get Alt, Coleman or Harrison Jr in the 1st round of the NFL 2024 Draft next year… if that doesn’t happen trade back.
      3- coaching wise needs to change on Offense next year.
      4- Keep Ulbrich at all costs next year.
      5- sign Huff back.
      6- sign Morstead and Greg the Leg back next year.
      7- “Serious one” praying my mother in law beats lung cancer again.

      -Italy Jet ✈️ 🤌🏽🇮🇹

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        Paul Esden Jr

        O-Line is mas importante and that’s powerful, we’ll be thinking of her!

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      Nick Pollicino


      – Elite Offensive play caller
      – unbeatable O line
      – season long healthy roster

      NICK P.

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        Paul Esden Jr

        Got any suggestion for who that elite play caller could be? I love the idea!

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      James Wudi

      All I want for Christmas is two new offensive tackles. Preferably a left guard too but I know Santa has so many different boys and girls to care for so I won’t be greedy – two new tackles please!! Thank God Altmighty

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        Paul Esden Jr

        LMAO Wudi you always make me laugh, happy holidays!

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      Tyriq D. Butler

      It’s not going to happen because the Jets are, in many ways, forced to run it back but Mike Tomlin would be atop my Christmas Wish List. Steelers fans have a right to desire more playoff success because of the history of that organization. But let’s not act like Tomlin, who’s never had a losing season despite subpar rosters and terrible QB play, can’t coach. I’d love him at the helm of a critical 2024 season.

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